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Take care of your joint: Tips for patients with osteoarthritis for this summer

Do you have osteoarthritis? Follow these tips to enjoy your summer without affecting your joint that has been affected by pain

Although the cause-effect relationship between changes in climatic weather and outbreaks of joint pain in patients with osteoarthritis persists, being a matter of discussion in the literature specialized medical practitioner.

Many patients report a worsening of their symptoms joint pain with cold, rain, fog, wind speed and direction, and especially with storms. Which some patients claim to predict very accuracy.

joint pain

On the other hand, it has been found in the consultations that many patients express some symptomatic improvement with the onset of summer and pleasant temperatures.

Osteoarthritis is a serious disease, which causes pain and limitation of function, which can lead to make it difficult to carry out simple daily activities. Which seriously affects the quality of life of those affected. The arrival of pleasant summer temperatures may improve slightly or symptoms moderately in some patients.

Losing weight, staying active, strengthening muscles, and wearing cushioned footwear are the most relevant recommendations for non-pharmacological treatment. Since they reduce the use of pain relievers and may slow the progression of the disease.

Go for a walk, but… watch out for your shoes!


In this sense, going for a walk is a highly advisable habit. That with the arrival of the heat enjoyable and free time is usually more practiced.

It is important to do this activity, but always avoiding excesses, because less pain can cause us to exceed our possibilities and the benefit of this activity is diminished, giving later lead to situations of increased pain and / or joint stiffness during or after rest.

Also, and not only when practicing the chosen activity, it is essential to have good footwear cushioned and comfortable. It would be advisable to avoid the use of heels greater than 2 or 3 centimeters.

Therefore, before leaving home, it is essential to make sure that we have slippers or suitable sandals. Pay attention when choosing daily footwear, you will avoid other injuries such as: skin chafing, blisters, tendon injuries and muscle overloads that they could make joint pain worse. Other recommended activities maybe walking in cycling on a smooth surface or swimming.

Do not carry weight and hydrate properly to take care of your joint!

In addition, you should avoid carrying weight and, if it is essential, it is advisable to do it by flexing knees and keeping your back straight. If you are going to walk, you should carry only what essential.

A similar recommendation is extended when preparing luggage: you must avoid unnecessary weight and always use a wheeled suitcase to transport it.

It is also extremely important to hydrate well. You should drink water even when you do not be thirsty. In general, and as a reference, you should intend to drink 2 liters of water at throughout the day.


Other sources of hydration can be natural juices. In areas of much heat, you must take advantage of sunrise or sunset to carry out outdoor activities and avoid doing them in the central hours of the day.

Having more free time and spending it with family or friends is a great help for mood. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and mood is key to live with some situations of joint pain and thus ensure optimal self-care that decrease the symptoms of the disease.

Finally, we must not forget to use a suitable sunscreen if we are going to perform outdoor activities longer than 15 minutes. This should be applied half an hour before exposing ourselves to the sun, and it is convenient to reapply it every 2 or 3 hours.

Other common questions:

  • What kind of exercise should you do?

Walking or biking on flat surfaces, and swimming in warm waters. Must be avoided those exercises that exceed the possibilities that each patient already knows.

In the case of walking on the beach, it is recommended to do it along the shore, as it is where find a harder surface and less unevenness, which will increase comfort and safety of patients when doing this activity.


  • How do you have to lie on the beach?

It is recommended to avoid lying down where there are large irregularities or excessively hard. It would be convenient, the use of a device like a pillow that is adjustable in height to be able to adapt it.

  • Is cold sea or pool water good?

Swimming is an exercise that promotes joint agility and is fantastic to be performed in a medium It relieves some of the weight and reduces the risk of joint injury.

However, it is advisable to avoid excessively cold water. On the other hand, it is important dry well when getting out of the water and avoid moisture. It is important to consider the unevenness of the seabed to avoid injuries due to unexpected joint impacts.

  • Do not forget to eat or drink …

In general, you should drink water even when you are not thirsty, avoid large meals, eat little by little and if possible 5 times a day. In general, you must make use of the Mediterranean diet and particularly, regarding increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables.

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