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Text Neck: Discover the damage that the use of your cell phone is causing in your joints

Did you know that improper posture when using a mobile phone can cause a neck injury?

The syndrome of “Text neck” is a growing medical problem that affects with neck pain in 50% of people who spend more than two and a half hours on communicate by cell phone.

This unnatural posture can alter the original curvature of the spine of our body, preventing us from correcting it in the worst cases.

What are the consequences?

The human neck is not designed to be bent forward for long periods time, which generates early wear on the spine, muscle aches on the neck, head and shoulders.

Among the most common effects are:

neck pain

  • Severe pain due to prolonged muscle tension and the appearance of hernias disc or compression of the nerves of the spine.
  • Respiratory dysfunction due to chronic pain that patients experience around the neck.
  • Forward head posture can add more than 13kg of abnormal “leverage” on the natural line of the spine, causing their misalignment.
  • Deformation of the natural curve of the neck that can lead to arthritis at an age early.
  • Loss of vital capacity of the lungs by up to 30%. Lack of breathing could lead to heart or arterial disease.
  • The entire digestive system is compromised due to this incorrect posture of the body. The large intestine is one of the main affected causing evacuation problems.

How can I avoid it?

  • Bad practices regarding the use of technology have caused suffering such as “Text neck“, to reduce its consequences we recommend you adopt habits that we allow you to have a healthy life:
  • Instead of looking down at the devices, we should keep them at the level of the eyes.
  • It is preferable to use voice recognition and make phone calls instead of reading and writing endless text messages.
  • Let’s take regular breaks and alternate positions when writing messages.
  • Let’s check our equipment keeping the spine in a neutral position, and let’s avoid spending hours hunched over.
  • Let’s do neck exercises to strengthen the muscles.

neck pain man

Remember that prevention is key, so remember to effectively manage time what do you spend looking at your phone, laptop or tablet to avoid suffering any future illness and take care of your own health.

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