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Ozone Therapy Is it effective in osteoarthritis? 20 years after its use, we tell you what results have been obtained

Find out if it is appropriate to use Ozone Therapy to treat osteoarthritis and what its effects are.

Ozone therapy is the application of medical ozone through minimal punctures or direct application for therapeutic purposes to improve the functioning of organs and tissues, treating multiple diseases. Medical ozone is a mixture of max 5% ozone and 95% oxygen.

Therapist applying ozone injection to patient's knee.

What properties does ozone have?

Medical ozone has antiseptic properties (it is one of the most powerful germicides, acting against fungi, bacteria and viruses), analgesic and anti-inflammatory, modulating and stimulating the immune system. And also improves peripheral circulation and oxygenation of tissues because it favors the transfer of oxygen by hemoglobin.

In June 1997, the first medical ozone treatment was applied to a patient with a hernia disc. Currently, several public and private hospitals in their Pain Control Unit, have incorporated this therapy, in for various applications, from acceleration of the healing process from some injuries to treatment for pain control in osteoarthritis.

During these 20 years, multiple revisions have been made, for example in the treatment of osteoarthritis, finding better control of pain at the joint level.

Although it has not been shown to stop joint wear and tear or progression of osteoarthritis. If found that the continuous sessions of ozone in the affected joints, provide a better control of the pain.

ozone treatment

Remember that this type of therapy can be highly effective in controlling pain, but not because reduces the progression of osteoarthritis or joint wear.

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