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Osteoarthritis of the spine or that famous “waist pain”. Know all about this common suffering

Osteoarthritis of the spine is a common disease that commonly affects older people, find out how to treat it properly

What is osteoarthritis of the spine?

Osteoarthritis is the wear of the joint structures that occurs due to age, but it can also be accelerated by other factors (such as obesity, occupation, alterations in posture, among others).

The spine is no exception and its main wear is at the level of the intervertebral discs, and affects various areas of our vertebrae.

Risk factors or causes


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Some sports are associated with increased low back pain, depending on the intensity of the training and the age since the sport began. The most common are soccer, gymnastics, weightlifting, tennis, spinning, golf and running.


From the age of 30 or 40 it is normal for radiology shows initial signs of vertebral osteoarthritis at some level of the spine, whether it is suffers pain or not. In addition, it increases exponentially after the age of 50.


Women have a higher prevalence, since this disease affects on all to women over 50 – 55 years, which coincides with menopause and its consequent decrease in estrogen levels.


Spinal osteoarthritis can also be a hereditary disease.

Osteoarthritis of the spine

Work activity

The repetition of joint movements can lead, in the long term, to joint overload.


A sedentary life causes weakness of the abdominal muscles and of the back, which are not able to support the spine during movements or by retractions of paravertebral muscles.


Directly related to the appearance, and rapid evolution of the wear and tear of column.

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Fractures and injuries can be a trigger

What symptoms do you have?

  1. Pain in the back or spine when bending over, standing or sitting
  2. Stiffness of the spine
  3. Loss of flexibility in the spine
  4. Increased pain with activity, or after prolonged standing or sitting, when fastening a shoelace etc.
  5. Numbness or shocks radiating to the extremities.


The diagnosis is made with the history and physical examination of a professional, aided by tests complementary such as X-rays, CT or MRI.



In general, treatment is based on 4 fundamental pillars

  1. Elimination of risk factors: high impact sports, obesity etc.
  2. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation: Exercise program, heat or cold, water therapy, massage, TENS.
  3. Chondroprotectors: Glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, in addition to vitamin C, collagen, grenetine, tricalcium phosphate. All of them contained in More Motion.
  4. Anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants: which should be used no more than two weeks.

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Since our formula has all the recommended substances to improve the structure of your cartilage such as glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, grenetine, collagen, vitamin C and tricalcium phosphate; all of them oriented to nourish, harden, strengthen your joint cartilage, thus recovering mobility and quality of life, without joint pain.

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