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Know the benefits of soy (isoflavones) in your joints

Soy isoflavones significantly improves the quality of life of people

Treatment with soy isoflavones significantly improves the quality of life of people and has a positive effect on menopausal women. The latter group, women who much more frequently initiate their symptoms from this stage of their life.

Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease and the most important cause of pain chronic and disability in people older than 60 years. This disease occurs by joint wear.

benefits of soy

Soy and its active components, isoflavones such as genistein, daidzein and ipriflavone. Among the properties of isoflavones, their effect on the bone metabolism, being related to the maintenance of bone mineral density.

Furthermore, one of the most important chemical properties of iso flavones is their great antioxidant power. Since they can remove free radicals, that is, considerably reduce the damage caused by the excessive use of our joints over time.

Another notable effect is the ability to reduce joint inflammation, as it reduces considerably the substances that our joint releases when it presents damage by joint wear.

Soy fats have been shown to stop the progression of damage to cartilage level, that is, they reduce the degradation of this valuable tissue. Which allows our articulation the ability to carry out its function in an integral way.

A last beneficial effect at the joint level consists of the increase in the production of collagen. Which is a protector of cartilage, and is a fundamental part of the structure of all our joints.

Increase the consumption of soy in your diet

Increase the consumption of soy in your diet, as a recommended food for patients with joint damage due to osteoarthritis.


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