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Main women affected by osteoarthritis. 2 out of 3 people with osteoarthritis are women. By what happens this?

Specialists have pointed out that sex could influence the development of osteoarthritis. 68% of women versus 32% of men

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common diseases of the elderly, although it is related to people’s age and lifestyle. Specialists have pointed out that sex also has great relationship.

It is known that after menopause women are more likely to develop certain diseases such as osteoarthritis. This is due to the hormonal change females undergo.

Specialists have studied the influence of hormonal impregnation, especially by the estrogens, and more considering that the presence of receptors of estrogens in cartilage.


Although there are several factors that produce osteoarthritis, specialists have studied those that can be modifiable such as diet, obesity and exercise.

Osteoarthrosis, especially of the hand and knee, is estimated to be approximately two times more frequent in women than in men.

What are the factors that favor osteoarthritis in women?

Specialists point out that there are many factors in the daily life of women that can favor the development of osteoarthritis, such as: housework, carrying heavy objects and wearing inappropriate shoes.

Although it is not created that way, household chores are repetitive and exhausting. A lot of these require long hours of work and movements that over time can affect the women’s health.

Incorrect postures when performing activities such as: making the bed, sweeping, cleaning glass or lifting weights, cause trauma to the head, arms, legs, hands and back.

Housework involves a heavy load on the locomotor system; physical activity it falls mainly on bones, muscles and joints.

Another factor that increases the risk of suffering from osteoarthritis is the use of shoes heel. Which modify the normal dynamics of the ankle and induce increases and modifications of the distribution of the pressures exerted on the knee during gait.

These compensatory phenomena, necessary to maintain the stability of the knee, could favor gonarthrosis, which would explain that it is sometimes bilateral in women.


Excess weight favors osteoarthritis by increasing the load exerted on the joints of the hip and knee. It is one of the main factors that favor the development of this pathological disease, even more important in women than in men, and more particularly for the knee than the hip.

Although studies are still lacking to determine the relationship between osteoarthritis and women, people should take care of their joints at an early age to avoid problems severe.

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