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Lumbar Spine Stretching Exercises. Essential to combat “waist” pain

Osteoarthritis is joint wear and tear that can develop in any joint in the body human, and in the lumbar spine or the so-called “waist” is no exception.

Normally it appears due to an overuse of the joint, such as work very physical exercises with weightlifting, repetitive movements, playing sports in excess without taking the joint protection precautions. It can also have a hormonal origin; the women in the menopause, have a decrease in the level of estrogens that favor the onset of osteoarthritis. Another cause, the most common, is advanced age, as is normal after many years of use, the joint can wear out.

Thus, lumbar osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage of the muscles is damaged or degenerated. joints of the lumbar spine.

At More Motion we know that the fundamental pillars of osteoarthritis treatment are constituted by the contribution of Chondroprotectors, such as Glucosamine, Chondrotin, MSM, Collagen, Grenetin, Tricalcium Phosphate and Vitamin C, contained in our formula; and how second pillar in the treatment of Osteoarthritis, a change in lifestyle, that is, the implementation of exercise routines and a healthy diet, which allows us to avoid consequences of joint overload due to obesity and muscle atrophy.

Here are some lumbar spine stretching exercises, which will help you not only strengthen your vertebrae, but also reduce pain in this region.

Lumbar Spine Exercises

Lumbar Spine Exercises 2

Perform the relaxation stretch at the end, standing, with your legs slightly apart, flex your back without bending knees to one side and to the other for 10 seconds.

If you do these exercises regularly and include More Motion in your life, from the first 8 weeks you will feel greater muscle firmness, reduce lumbar joint pain, and you can avoid chronic pain by sitting or standing for a long time.

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