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Kinesiology in osteoarthritis, what is it and how useful is it?

Kinesiology is a treatment that consists of joint hygiene measures such as changes in posture, weight reduction and specific physical activity

Osteoarthritis What is it?

It is a degenerative disease of the joints, characterized by the progressive wear of the joint cartilage, a highly specialized tissue that covers the bony surfaces of the joints and allows them to move without pain.

Kinesiology in osteoarthritis

It is the most common joint disease, its prevalence increases with age and can affect any joint, the knee being the most affected frequency.

It produces disability and deterioration of the quality of life, mainly women.

How can kinesiology help me?

The treatment consists of joint hygiene measures such as changes in posture, weight reduction, specific physical activity and kinesiotherapy.

“The kinesiologist influences the rehabilitation of osteoarthritis for the management of the patients’ pain; in education and body hygiene in activities of daily living. And depending on the case, in the improvement of muscle mass that stabilizes the segment and mobility management”, explains the kinesiologist Melissa Saavedra, specialist.

Working to avoid bad postures or life activities that overload the area affected by osteoarthritis is part of the care that must be taken to avoid pain.


The frequency with which the sessions are carried out depends on the segment that is affected and the pain that the pathology produces.

“Many times, treatment schemes are carried out, starting with pharmacological medical treatment. The condition is reassessed and if patients present muscle weakness, joint instability or pain, they are referred to kinesiology”

Excersice Knee

Low-load exercises are used, with the joint range protected.

“Currently isometric exercise is a great element in kinesthetic rehabilitation to activate the muscles and induce analgesia through contraction held for a few seconds”

First, avoid impact exercises.

“Exercise properly prescribed by a health professional is one of the important factors to give stability to the affected joint and prevent deterioration of the joint”

In addition to kinesiology exercises, remember to have More Motion, a fundamental part of the treatment of osteoarthritis, recover your mobility without pain thanks to its chondroprotectors Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Collagen, Grenetine, Tricalcium Phosphate and Vitamin C.

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