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Exercises to improve the strength of your hip: that pain in the region groin It can get better!

Osteoarthritis of the hip is one that affects the upper part of the leg. This type of Osteoarthritis is quite common, although not as much as osteoarthritis of the knee or hand. In Generally, it is typical of older people, but it can appear before the age of 50, being exceptional in young people.

The fundamental symptom is pain.

The pain in hip osteoarthritis is in the groin area. Sometimes the pain goes down the thigh and may also hurt the knee, which may make the patient think that the problem is in the knee. Therefore, it is important to know that hip pain is not located in ​​the body popularly known as “the hips.”

At the beginning of the disease, the pain only appears when walking and going up or down stairs. Too pain is felt after a period of rest, until the joint warms up, and then returns to appear after a long walk or prolonged exercise, because the joint is overloaded.

Progressively, elementary actions such as crossing the legs become difficult when sitting, put on shoes or put on stockings. When the disease is in its beginnings, the pain completely disappears when lying on the bed, so no problems to fall asleep due to pain, but in advanced cases the pain does not go away.  Over time, it is normal for a limp to appear when walking.

At More Motion we know that the fundamental pillars of osteoarthritis treatment are made up of:

  • Chondroprotectors, such as Glucosamine, Chondrotin, MSM, Collagen, Grenetin, Phosphate Tricalcium and Vitamin C, contained in our formula, with more than years that guarantee our efficacy as the root solution to put a definitive stop to this problem of Osteoarthritis.
  • Change in lifestyle, that is, the implementation of exercise routines and a healthy eating, which allows us to avoid the consequences of a joint overload due to obesity and muscle atrophy.

Check our hip exercises and improve the strength of this joint.

Exercises to improve the strength of your hip

If you perform these exercises regularly and include More Motion in your life, from the first 8 weeks you will feel a greater muscle firmness, reduce joint pain, creaking and discomfort, for example, when carrying out your sports, recreational and work that you used to do, thus recovering independence, and quality of life.

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