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Vitamin C. New study confirms that having low levels increases the pain in Osteoarthritis

Low levels of Vitamin C increases the pain in Osteoarthritis

A new nutritional analysis confirms that consuming insufficient levels of Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant, can increase pain related to osteoarthritis. Men whose daily vitamin C intake is below 200 mg / day and women whose intake is less than 150 mg / day have more knee pain comparatively with those who consume … Read more

Paracetamol is not useful for treating osteoarthritis

Paracetamol is not useful for treating osteoarthritis

Alerts a study led by researchers from the University of Bern (Switzerland), which should be noted, taking paracetamol does not improve pain or mobility of the patients with osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease caused by the wear of the cartilage that joins the bones and joints, which results in the bones rubbing together and … Read more

Cancer and Osteoarthritis association, does it exist? Is it associated with this disease or its treatment?

Cancer and Osteoarthritis association

The association between cancer and joint pain can be close. Although some type of cancer may be accompanied by joint symptoms, the most common association is Osteoarthritis from Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy or Hormone Therapy such as Cancer treatment. Post-chemotherapy rheumatism is an entity recognized not many years ago and that is why still poorly defined. It … Read more

Stretches and mobilizations for the cervicals – Improve your neck pain and shoulders

mobilizations for the cervicals

Cervical osteoarthritis or cervicoarthrosis is the wear or degeneration of the cartilage of the cervical. The cervical spine is made up of seven vertebrae and discs intervertebral and wear occurs in the joints between two vertebrae. Causes of cervical osteoarthritis Hereditary and environmental Cervical osteoarthritis is a consequence of hereditary factors and environmental conditions such … Read more

The reality about Black Garlic and Nettle. Miracle products, with hidden cortisone

Miracle products, with hidden cortisone

Unfortunately in the search for the optimal treatment to take care of our joints, we can find products that are offered as miraculous, which in addition to lacking efficacy, fictitiously improve our joints and by their hidden components, such as cortisone or steroids, which are not reported in their formula, can put our health at … Read more

The decalogue of advice most recommended by patients with Osteoarthritis

Decalogue patients with Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that consists of a “wear” of the articular cartilage, which can be progressive. The disease can affect any joint, but the most frequent are those of the hands, knees, hips and the spine. Cartilage is a firm, elastic tissue that covers the ends of the bones in a joint. His … Read more

Neck and shoulders self-massage. Reduces muscle tension in the cervical area and improve your osteoarthritis

Neck and shoulders self-massage

Cervical osteoarthritis or cervicoarthrosis is the wear or degeneration of the cervical cartilage. The cervical spine is composed of seven vertebrae and intervertebral discs and wear is produces in the joints between every two vertebrae. Causes of cervical osteoarthritis Hereditary and environmental Cervical osteoarthritis is the consequence of hereditary and environmental factors such as a … Read more

Discover the 4 benefits that Tai Chi discipline brings to your osteoarthritis

Benefits Tai Chi osteoarthritis

The practice of Tai Chi, not only improves the discomfort in people affected by osteoarthritis or any other pathology that causes pain in the joints, but also helps prevent and delay the appearance of the same in healthy people. They are easy exercises to learn, and their practice is so enjoyable that many continue practicing … Read more

Exercises to improve the strength of your hip: that pain in the region groin It can get better!

Exercises hip

Osteoarthritis of the hip is one that affects the upper part of the leg. This type of Osteoarthritis is quite common, although not as much as osteoarthritis of the knee or hand. In Generally, it is typical of older people, but it can appear before the age of 50, being exceptional in young people. The … Read more

Learn about the components of More Motion. We explain in detail how they manage to combat Osteoarthritis

Components of More Motion

Chondroprotectors are those substances that take care of our joints, specifically, from the damage they suffer with the passage of time, we call this Osteoarthritis, but it has other names like Osteoarthrosis, Articular Wear or Cartilage Wear. What substances are they? We know of several recognized and recommended chondroprotectors for the specific treatment of Osteoarthritis. … Read more