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8 exercises to improve the mobility of your hands

Reduce nodules on your fingers, and recover the strength of your hands

Osteoarthritis is a joint or cartilage wear that can develop in any joint of the human body.

In the case of osteoarthritis of the hands, it is one of the joints that most is often affected by wear and tear. As we use in virtually all activities of daily life and in the performance of our work inside and outside of home.

mobility of your hands

Many of the actions we perform are carried out with our hands and fingers, but few are aware of the importance of exercising to strengthen them.

Yes, include these exercises in your daily routine you will improve the duration of the grip when carrying heavy loads, you will increase the range of movements of the fingers, you will avoid osteoarthritis and tendinitis and you will even maintain the strength and vital function of your hands, which tend to weaken as we age.

Exercises to improve the mobility of your hands

All the exercises described below will be performed daily starting with 10 to 15 repetitions and reaching up to 30. Before doing them apply local heat for 10 minutes.

Remember, for these exercises you will need a flexible mass, like the ones use your children and grandchildren to play (the mass of the little yellow boat), or failing that play dough, which is usually harder to perform these exercises:

  1. Finger scissors: Squeeze the playdough between your fingers.
  2. Fingertip Pinch: Pinch the dough using your thumb and tips fingers.
  3. Grip strength: Press all your fingers against the dough.
  4. Flat pinch: Squeeze the dough with your thumb and fingers stretched out.
  5. Finger Separation: Wrap the dough around two fingers and spread them apart.
  6. Finger Extension: Wrap the dough around one finger in a hook and loop shape, then straighten your finger using the dough as resistance.
  7. Fist Extension: Wrap the dough around your hand and then open your fist to roll out the dough.
  8. Full grip: Squeeze the dough by pressing your fingers against the palm of the hand.

Exercises for your hands

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