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Discover the 4 benefits that Tai Chi discipline brings to your osteoarthritis

The practice of Tai Chi, not only improves the discomfort in people affected by osteoarthritis or any other pathology that causes pain in the joints, but also helps prevent and delay the appearance of the same in healthy people.

Tai chi

They are easy exercises to learn, and their practice is so enjoyable that many continue practicing it for years for the well-being and peace of mind they provide. It is proven that physical exercise is beneficial for health. In fact, it is a part essential for the therapeutic treatment of joint pain.

It is important to keep the muscles as strong as possible; the stronger the muscles and the tissues around the joints, they will be better protected.

Tai Chi improves pain and the ability to carry out daily activities by up to 30%.

Tai Chi benefits

  • Flexibility

Reduces stiffness and keeps joints flexible. Stiffness causes pain. The increase in flexibility will help alleviate pain. In tai chi the joints, muscles and tendons throughout the body so your practice will significantly increase flexibility.

  • Strengthening the muscles

Practicing Tai Chi regularly helps maintain and increase muscle strength. A musculature stronger, protects the joints and keeps them more stable. This reduces the danger of fractures and pain is lessened. Likewise, the strengthening of the muscles favors a greater quality of life by allowing greater mobility and self-confidence.

Many famous athletes suffer from osteoarthritis due to their trauma. Nonetheless, can continue with their usual rhythm of life due to the strength of the musculature, which protects your joints. Studies have shown that the practice of tai chi increases muscle strength by 15 – 20%.

  • Improved physical condition

Cardio-respiratory exercises help strengthen the heart and lungs and increase the stamina which is important to maintain health. Joints and tissues with osteoarthritis they need a supply of blood and oxygen to recover health. Better circulation of blood, fluids, and oxygen also helps keep your joints flexible and muscles strong. The Tai Chi is a particularly effective cardio-respiratory exercise.

In the Sydney Arthritis Association (Australia), a study was conducted in which 126 patients who had suffered an acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) were divided into two groups, one practicing Tai Chi and the other without practicing any exercise. The group that practiced Tai Chi obtained a better cardiovascular circulation and lower blood pressure.

  • Postural correction

Body posture is important. When the posture is correct, the joints and muscles and lungs have more space. Normally a body bowed with shoulders slumped with sadness, fear and negative emotions. The practice of Tai Chi favors a good body position, benefiting all the body’s functions.

Physical exercise with disciplines such as Tai Chi together with More Motion constitutes the pillars fundamentals of the treatment of Osteoarthritis. More Motion contains all those chondroprotectors such as glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, grenetin, vitamin C and tricalcium phosphate, recommended by experts in rheumatology to improve the cartilage of your joints, thereby improving joint pain, mobility and quality of life. We are backed by years of effectiveness.

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