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The 13 postures that we must correct when performing daily tasks

Discover how to take care of your joints, avoid that back or waist pain as well as prevent the appearance and advance of osteoarthritis in your lumbar spine.

Postural hygiene is not only about maintaining a correct position when standing or sitting, but also the positions we must adopt to perform different activities throughout the day. Having a good posture will help you reduce several bodily incidents and reduce the levels of back pain and neck.

Over time, if we do not maintain good posture, regardless of the activity that we carry out, we can suffer from different diseases such as low back pain, lordosis, scoliosis, among others. Follow the following tips that will teach you what they are the ideal postures for you:

Prevention of spinal pain when bearing weight.

  1. When bending over, you should bend your knees, keep your back straight, your feet slightly apart and be as close as possible to the object you are going to carry. Pick it up and lift the weight by straightening your legs and keeping your back straight. Remember that the object should be as close to your body as possible.
  2. If you carry a bag, you should always use it crossed. If you use a backpack, it must be centered with both handles and attached to your back.
  3. Never lift an object that is above chest height. Yes, you must place it higher, use a ladder.
  4. If you transport packages, you must distribute the weight of these in the two arms. Make sure that each bag does not exceed 2 kg.

postures bearing weight

Prevention of spinal pain when carrying out your daily activities

  • Iron

You should do it sitting or standing, placing one foot on a flat surface of the height of a step. Change arms from time to time. The ironing board must be at hip height (regardless of whether you plan on standing or sitting).

Try not to accumulate large amounts of clothes to iron at one time.

  • Wash

Place one foot on a surface that is about one step high.

Alternate standing every so often.

  • Transport objects

You better transport things on a wheeled cart and drag it with both hands.

postures daily activities

  • Brush your teeth

Slightly bend one knee and prop it up on the sink.

  • Make the bed

Bend your legs keeping your back straight.

If the bed is close to the wall, it is better to separate it before you stretch to lay it out.

  • Sweep

Keep your back as straight as possible. The broomstick must have the height enough for it.

postures daily activities 2

  • Vacuum

Keep your back straight.

Bend and support one or both knees to access difficult areas.

postures daily activities 3

  • Clean windows

Do not try to force yourself to stretch or point your feet.

Use a ladder to reach high places.

postures daily activities 4

Prevention of back pain when sitting.

In front of the computer:

  • You should be seated in front of the monitor with your eyes level with the top edge of the screen or below it.
  • The mouse and input devices such as the keyboard, as well as your legs and thighs should be aligned perpendicularly at approximately 90°.
  • Place your feet flat on the floor or on a footrest
  • Put your head and neck in a straight position.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed.
  • Keep your forearms, wrists, and hands in a straight line.
  • Rest your elbows close to your body.
  • There should be a 90 ° angle between your thighs and your back. In the same way they must be aligned your arms and forearms, with an angle of 90°

postures daily activities 5

Avoid prolonged postures by moving neck and shoulders from time to time, even get up for a minute walk every hour.

Prevention of spinal pain when standing.

If you must stand leaning forward, bend your knees and support them on your thighs.

postures daily activities standing

Prevention of spinal pain when lying down.

If you sleep on your back, your pillow should be high enough to fill the cervical space maintaining alignment of the head with the trunk.

A pillow under the knees will help you comfortably maintain this position.

If you sleep on your side, the pillow should fill in the shoulder space so that your head rest aligned with your spine.

postures daily activities lying down

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